Wednesday, November 17, 2010

October 2010: coffee export down 28%


In October 2010, the volume of coffee export through the port of Lampung, down 28% to 25,640 tons worth USD 40,649. In September 2010, the volume of coffee exports reached 35,630 tons with a value of USD 55,122. Depreciation of coffee exports was triggered by the expiration of the coffee harvest in Indonesia.

In addition, production problems are also disturbed by the weather that makes the coffee production declined. "There was a decline in production because it leads to the end of the harvest," said Muchtar Lutfi, Head of Research and Development, Lampung Coffee Exporters Association.

Exports coffee from the port of Lampung comes from coffee which grown in the area of Central Sumatra, such as Bengkulu, South Sumatra, and also from Lampung area. Until October 2010, Indonesia has been exporting coffee as much as 212,594 tons with a value of USD 312,408. According to Muchtar, that number was far behind compared to last year.

Muchtar concerned about coffee export performance in the last quarter of this year. Because, at the end of the year like this, the coffee harvest in the central coffee plantations in Sumatra has been reduced. While common stock is stored coffee farmers are now no longer exists because the rainy season makes many coffee trees were damaged.

"It would be difficult to chase the target this year," he explained. This year, AEKI Lampung set the coffee export target of 300,000 tones.