Friday, December 25, 2009

Lampung Coffee threatened rejected in Japan

lampung robusta coffee Robusta coffee bean exports from Lampung threatened rejected in Japan because the Japan's quarantine agency indicated that coffee contains chemical residues of carbaryl. "Based on information from several exporters that most coffee is exported to Japan containing carbaryl indicated above the threshold set by the Government of Japan," said Chairman Renlitbang BPD and Lampung Exporters Association of Indonesian Coffee Industry (AEKI) Lutfie Muchtar, in Bandarlampung.

The information was based on a letter from BPP AEKI dated December 17, 2009 related to the chemical residues of carbaryl addressed to all AEKI members AEKI. According Muchtar, besides Lampung, exporters from East Java and South Sumatra also reported the same thing to the BPP AEKI-related the Japanese refusal.

Consequently, he said, when coffee contain chemical residues above the predetermined threshold, the Government of Japan will destroy or return such commodities. According to him, based on the "positive list system" prevailing in Japan since mid-2006, carbaryl does not include the 15 substances banned agrochemical in Japan. Nevertheless residue content should not exceed a certain threshold of 0.01 ppm.

In connection with this, he asked the farmers not to use pesticides containing the chemical carbaryl as the active ingredient of Sevin 85 S, Petrovin 85 WP and Indovin 85 SP. Among the three pesticides are the most widely used in Indonesia is Sevin 85 S to pest control several types of corn plants, peppers, peanuts, cotton, sugarcane, coconut, tea, palm oil, tobacco and coffee.

Muchtar said, carbaryl (Sevin 85 S) is widely used to fertilize ‘catch crop’ around the coffee plants like peppers, corn, vegetables and others. So that contamination has occurred at the coffee when pesticides are used on many catch crops  are planted on farms in Lampung.

AEKI Lampung also expect related agencies such as Department of Agriculture to provide more intensive counseling centers coffee plantation in Lampung. Lampung coffee plantation centers located in West Lampung District, Waykanan, North Lampung, and Tanggamus. Until now AEKI Lampung exporters did not know this area that provide relevant information that indicated coffee containing carbaryl.