Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Japan doubt the quality of Indonesia’s cocoa


Japan, as one of Indonesian cocoa exports destination, it still doubt the quality and security of Indonesia cocoa production as foodstuff. Japan concerned of a high level of herbicide use in the Indonesian cocoa production process.  The Japanese government finally trying to tighten requirements for the quality and safety of cocoa which export to their country. In 2009, the Japanese government introduced legislation on food which set a limit on the chemical content of herbicides on cocoa or other food commodities for 0.01 ppm.

In addition, the Government of Japan also requires that each shipment of processed cocoa products from Indonesia to Japan to attach the content-free certificate of herbicides 2,4-D (Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid). Along with the implementation of legislation on food, the Government of Indonesia would not remain silent.

Indonesia government through the Directorate General of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture, seeking a variety of ways to convince the Government of Japan to remain faithful to the quality of Indonesian cocoa exports. One way is taken, the Director General of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture, assisted by expert researchers from the University of Gadjah Mada University, Prof Dr Sri Noegrohati, MSc, conduct special studies on levels of herbicide and seed samples of cocoa powder to be exported to Japan.

According to Prof Dr Sri Noegrohati, Indonesia cocoa beans and cocoa powder in general contain residues of herbicides 2,4-D is very low, ie below 0.01 ppm. This means that Indonesia's exports of cocoa is safe for consumption as food. "In general, herbicide residues contain very low, ie below 0.01 ppm. Gynecologist residues were very far from the maximum limit stipulated by the government of Japan. So, the quality of our cocoa is very good and safe herbicides," she explained during a press conference at the Ministry of Agriculture.

With these findings, the Government of Indonesia plans to conduct bilateral meetings with the Government of Japan. In the meeting of the two countries, the Indonesian Government requested the Japanese Government will revoke the decision that requires each shipment of processed cocoa products to the Japanese attach a certificate of the content-free 2.4-D herbicide.