Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Opportunities of Fruit Export to Singapore


Chairman of the Association of Exporters and Vegetables Fruits Indonesia (AESBI) Hasan J Widjaja said that export opportunities of vegetables and fruits to Singapore big enough. "So far the export of vegetables and fruits Indonesia to Singapore was not more than six per cent, whereas the country needs to reach 1,000 tons per day," he said, in Magelang. He said that announce as an increase in export competitiveness and accelerate dissemination of market information of agricultural products in the village of Kaliurang, Srumbung District, Magelang District.

Geographically, Hasan said, Indonesia is very close to Singapore but the opportunity to export vegetables and fruits have not worked optimally. According to him, there are several kinds of fruit that Indonesia has yet been signed in Singapore, and has a substantial opportunity for quality products is not inferior to other countries that have been supplied to these countries.

"Types fruits of papaya, bananas, and avocados from Indonesia, Singapore has never touched, and salak fruit is one of the new commodity in Singapore, so many people there who do not know how to open the bow," he said. Hasan said, avocado fruit is interest by Singaporean, but the avocado come into Singapore is a small type, not like the avocado fruit from Indonesia, a large and thick flesh.

According to Hasan, other than to sell fruit on the understanding they need to provide when the fruit is ripe and how the color when fully ripe. "Marketing mango is good cotton candy in Singapore, but they are still plagued by a fruit from Africa and Thailand that are ripe mango yellow color, while the cotton candy from Indonesia is not so, there must educate them," he said.

Hasan said AESBI will continue to increase exports of vegetables and fruits to Singapore, the 2010 target increased to 10 percent and the year 2014 target to 30 percent. According to him, Singapore became a pilot project to export vegetables and fruits to other countries by applying the approach pattern through the embassy to introduce Indonesia vegetables and fruits  by then could enter in other countries later on.

Hasan said the AESBI vision and mission will continue to improve fruit and vegetable exports of Indonesia, to improve the quality and continuity in the effort to meet market share, increase in foreign exchange, increase farmers' welfare and human resources, introducing fruits and vegetables to foreign countries, and Indonesia to strengthen state busy food.