Monday, November 1, 2010

Indonesia’s Exports (Jan-Sep 2010) Up 38 Percent

Indonesia Central Statistic Agency (BPS) expressed, total value of Indonesia's exports from January to September reached USD 110.81 billion. This amount increased by 38.27 percent over the same period last year.

"Hopefully we will record a new performance for annual export, at least approach USD 150 billion. If our export per month around USD 12 billion, it could approach even be higher," said Head of the BPS, Rusman Heriawan in a press conference held at the office BPS, Jakarta, Monday (01/11/2010).

Although the export value from January to September 2010 increased compared to last year period, exports value in September 2010 dropped compared with August 2010. According to Rusman, exports of September reached USD 12.08 billion, down 12.02 percent compared to August. "The decline in non-oil -13.66 percent. Exports of non oil reached USD 10.13 billion, and USD 1.95 billion for oil and gas," he said.

The reduced value of exports in September, according to Rusman due to Eid al-Fitr which falls in September. Import-export activity before and after Lebaran is totally decreasing. "Labor-workers who went home a lot so many activities that are pending. Hopefully October there was an increase export and import of missed work," he said.

Besides the Indonesia’s export up 38 per cent, the import value also increase by 11.92 percent in September compared to last year. Imports of September reached USD 9.53 billion.