Monday, November 16, 2009

Indonesian Palm Oil exports hampered by Negative Campaign

Negative campaign of Indonesia crude palm oil (CPO) still too often in Europe which affecting the CPO exports, after the global crisis. "CPO exports should recover as the impact of the global crisis began to overcome their respective consumer countries, but because of the negative campaign of palm trees, the export volume has not as expected," said Executive PT Asian Agri Laksamana Adiyaksa in Medan, North Sumatera, Sunday (15/11).

Negative campaign from palm trees destroying the forest to palm oil consumption could cause cancer, the most intensively conducted in Europe since a long time until today. It is suspected that the negative campaign to disrupt the marketing of palm oil is increasingly shifting the position of vegetable oil.

Issues that continue to grow in Europe, Adiyaksa said, because once Europe is the largest buyers of CPO Indonesia, thereby reducing the supply of other vegetable oils. "Today there was a shift most of CPO buyers, China and India. Purchase of European reduced and should be recognized for the impact that negative campaign," said the admiral who served as treasurer of the Joint Indonesian Palm Oil Entrepreneurs (Gapki) of North Sumatera.

To avoid continuing interference of Indonesian CPO marketing, cpo industrialist and the government must have a strong commitment to fight those negative campaign. Resistance that can be done by making a scientific study on the CPO content related to human health problems, the impact of oil palm crops on the environment and the need to expand market share.

The cpo industrialist do not dwell on India and China markets which today the inquiry is continuing to increase, but also to other countries that have prospects such as the Middle East and Africa, he said.

CPO businessmen and government together to strengthen the domestic market by opening up industrial oil product. Secretary General of Oil Palm Growers Association premises (Apkasindo) Arsjad Asmar admits, resistance to negative campaigning of oil had to be strengthened and the association was prepared to engage in such resistance. Apkasindo is involved against the negative campaign, Asmar said, is because to save the oil palm farmers which has amount enough. "If price and volume of crude palm oil (CPO) exports fell, the price of farmers’ TBS is also depressed," he said.