Saturday, November 7, 2009

Indonesia will export pineapple to Iran

indonesia export pineapple to iran

Indonesia is exploring the possibility of pineapple exports to Iran. Exports are expected to be implemented early next year.
This was conveyed by Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat after receiving the visit of Iran's ambassador to Indonesia Behrooz Kamalvandi at his office, Friday (6 / 11). "Iran is very interested in horticulture cooperation. They want us to export fresh fruit, pineapple," he said.
Hidayat explained Iran are interested to import fresh pineapple after seeing the pineapple plantation in Subang, West Java. Pineapple from earrings considered very marketable.
As a follow-up, will be sent twenty businessmen to visit Iran. Hidayat hopes, next year is already realized cooperation. "Probably next year," he said.
Hidayat expressed, Iran is also being explored for development investment some food and beverage manufacturers in Indonesia. "They build factories here for marketing (export) to Europe and Iran. He wants to guarantee. This is good news for us," he said.
Hidayat explained, Iran's interest to work together in terms of investment and exports and imports. Furthermore, Hidayat said that in meetings with the Iranian ambassador also discussed joint projects related to the continuation of Pertamina with counterparts in Iran.