Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Batavia Air add Airbus 330


To meet its expansion needs to Jeddah, Batavia Air will add a wide-body aircraft type Airbus 330-200 with 302 seat capacity.
Public Relation Manager of PT Metro Batavia (Batavia Air) Eddy Haryanto said the plane will be imported from Ireland. "The plane is the orderd one another, it was to rent from Ireland. Made in the 2000s," he said, at the Hotel Redtop, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/11).
However, he was reluctant to explain in detail the nominal cost of renting the plane. According to him, these aircraft to meet flight path Jakarta-Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) is ready to open Batavia Air at the end of this year.
Previously, Batavia Air also has prepared a unit of aircraft with the same type to the needs of this international route flights. However, since the opening of flight routes from Jakarta to Jeddah was delayed, this time the aircraft is used for domestic flights.
For information, previously Batavia Air plans to open a route from Jakarta to Jeddah in August 2009. However, that plan had to be delayed due to hampered permission from the Saudi Arabia that has not come out. "(The plane) which we now use to domestic. There is to Medan, Batam," he said.
With the addition of this aircraft unit, the Batavia Air aircraft had a total of 37 units. Meanwhile, this year's Batavia Air has also continued to develop its expansion to open the domestic flight routes. The plan, coming in December 2009 it will open a flight path to Maumere and Waengapo, East Nusa Tenggara.