Sunday, November 22, 2009

Garuda Indonesia seriously working on Europe market

garudan indonesia

Garuda Indonesia seriously working on a number of country markets in the region of Europe, as expanded its businesss internationally. "Operational route is planned in June 2010," said Senior General Manager of Garuda Indonesia East Indonesia Area Suranto, at Surabaya, Thursday (19/11).

According to him, the expansion into the European market was done post-removal restrictions fly there some time ago. "This route is offered to passengers who travel from Jakarta to Amsterdam via Dubai. The flight to the region will use Airbus A330-200 series," he said.

About the reasons for opening the route, Garuda Indonesia Corporate Public Relations of East Indonesia Area Erina Damayanti explained, the market potential in several Middle Eastern countries and the European big. "Moreover, citizens of Amsterdam have an emotional relation with Indonesia," she said.

While the selection of Dubai, Erina said, because the city is the fuel depots before continuing the flight to Europe. "We believe the opening of this route can reach passenger load factor around 80 percent," she said. This route, she added, also a flight destination businesspeople and tourists. So far, the majority of them liked to travel via Dubai before traveling to another country. "In addition, we will add domestic routes," she said.

She pointed out, Garuda Indonesia had added the route Surabaya-Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang, and Surabaya-Denpasar-Kupang. The opening of this flight route as well as a good market opportunity. "Target of load factor was around 80 percent," she said. The route Surabaya-Denpasar-Kupang, she optimistically predicted factornya load exceeds 80 percent, with most of the high season of domestic tourists by the end of the year. At that time, they are a lot of trips to Bali and went to Kupang.