Monday, April 18, 2011

Garuda Indonesia Airways grab Singapore Airlines MARKET

The airline Garuda Indonesia Airways began to seize market foreign airlines, including Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines who could fill in the gaps for the overseas Garuda Indonesia flight routes.

Currently, several international flights such as to Japan, Seoul, Hong Kong, and China, could be said Garuda Indonesia has become the primary choice in upper secondary market. Average monthly load factor according to Director of Marketing and Sales Arif Wibowo, reaching more than 80%.

"Only Japan has decreased by about 15% because of the earthquake and tsunami a while back. But we believe this market will soon recover. Japan is one of a solid international routes," said Arif in Toulouse, France, when to pick up a new aircraft of Garuda Indonesia, Airbus 330-200.

Met separately in Toulouse, President Director Danny Limarga Shilla Tour, said of a thousand inbound tourists per year that he signed, almost all using Garuda Indonesia, except for a flight to Amsterdam. "Frequency of Garuda Indonesia flight to Amsterdam was still a little. But for countries in Asia, Garuda Indonesia has become the primary choice. For Shilla Tour is perfect because we were working on upper middle-market tourists," said Danny. In the future, Danny hoped Garuda Indonesia could increase flight routes to countries in Europe. Also strengthening the flight route in Asian countries.

The same hope is presented by Eka Moncarre, Managing Director of Panorama Tour of Europe. Eka explains, the French tourism market relatively unaffected by the world financial crisis. "They rarely play the stock, so not too affected. That's why, demand for travel to Indonesia, especially Java and Bali continue to rise, "said Eka at Paris.

In 2010, the number of French tourists to Indonesia, which is handled Panorama reach 100 thousand people. From the number, 70% of them targeting the island of Java and Bali. "That's why, we hope that Garuda Indonesia can fly longer of Paris routes. Tourists market in this country is big enough," said Eka.

By the closing of Paris track around 1994, the current French tourists who came to Indonesia was forced to bundle with other foreign airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Malaysia airlines. "This is related to additional tariffs, due to use of Garuda Indonesia, the first tourists to be flown to Amsterdam. That is why, we sincerely hope Garuda again fly over Paris," said Eka.

Arif Wibowo said the management of Garuda Indonesia already had plan to open new routes in several Europe countries, including Paris, France. To support the plan, Garuda Indonesia has ordered the aircraft that can serve long-distance direct flights.

Vice President of Marketing Garuda Indonesia, Don JP Bustan, the French gave similar statement. Management of Garuda Indonesia, he said, did have a plan to immediately fly several European countries, including Paris, France."Routes to be flown are in the study. We still measured the needs work on the main market in business class, including the leisure market with more economic tariffs," he said.