Saturday, April 30, 2011

The number of GARUDA INDONESIA online ticket sales will exceed sales manual in 2015

garuda indonesia online ticket e-commerce

PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk (GIAA) will increase ticket sales through the Internet or e-commerce. The target, in the next four years, online ticket sales already exceeding the manual way.

"This is a step streamline operational costs for the company," said Senior General Manager of e-Commerce Joseph Adrian Saul Garuda Indonesia in Jakarta.

For that Garuda Indonesia will continue to strengthen the system of information technology (IT) for Garuda Indonesia website, expanding banking partners the payment channel, and method of payment.

"For the partners of our financial institutions are working with Visa and Mastercard. In the future we will hold the Bank Mandiri, BCA and BII for payments via debit cards than credit cards," he explained.

As for payment method is being explored in collaboration with Pay Pal and develop pattern-style payment Pay Pal with a local bank.

"We want to facilitate all the customers who want to buy tickets online, because it had many payment channels. In addition, if the purchase price will be done via the internet 10% cheaper than the public rate," he said.

Marketing & Sales Director (Executive) Garuda Indonesia, M. Arif Wibowo added, the current contribution of sales through the Internet and e-commerce has only reached 5%. "With an increasingly broad education, the future of e-commerce will become increasingly popular in the community," he said.

Garuda Indonesia also has appointed BII as one of the payee bank Garuda ticket from a travel agency partners (sub-agent) Garuda Indonesia.

He explained that through this cooperation partner travel agents (sub-agent) Garuda Indonesia can pay the ticket without having to come to the bank. Garuda Indonesia ticket payment can be made online through BII CoOLPAY - which is an Internet based Payment Gateway solutions.

This cooperation is intended to make it easy for partners Garuda Indonesia sub agent in making payments.