Friday, January 2, 2009

Garuda Indonesia exceed the target from Beijing-Jakarta

Garuda Indonesia

During the year 2008 Garuda Indonesia in Beijing had carried more than 23,000 passengers from Beijing to Jakarta, which means successful exceeded the target of 22,000 passengers.

Most  of the passengers which being transported by Garuda Indonesia are Chinese citizen who want to travel or doing other purposes to Indonesia. This is also shows that the interests of China citizens to visit Indonesia still remains high, and made Indonesia as one of tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Most of the Chinese citizens are intended to visit Bali even though there are also other tourist objects to visit such as Yogyakarta and Lombok.

General Manager of Garuda Indonesia Beijing office - Mr. Pikri Ilham - was worried he could not achieve the target of 22,000 passengers during 2008, because on August there were Summer Olympics in Beijing. He said the interests of China citizens who want to travel abroad decrease because they more focus to watch the Olympic in Beijing. "Indeed, in August, the interest of China citizens to travel abroad, including to Indonesia is reduced so that in the month that the load factor of Garuda Indonesia passengers was weak," he added.  However, in September to December 2008 the China citizens who want to travel abroad to begin to recover again, so the level of field Garuda passengers also return to normal. In the Christmas holiday and New Year 2009, the number of passengers which using Garuda Indonesia from Beijing to Jakarta is increasing, so the loss in the period from August can be compensated.