Monday, January 26, 2009

Starbucks will cut about 1,000 employees

Starbucks logo

The starbucks coffee outlets Network Corp. will dismiss 1,000 employees at the upcoming weekend, as reports by The Seattle Times, Saturday (24/ 1/2009).

This can override the employees in the office center in Seattle, district managers, and employees of the field, but will not be imposed on barista serving customers, said The Seattle Times as quoted the analysis of McAdams Wright Ragen. When the spokesperson confirmed to Starbucks, he refused respond.

Network coffee outlets that are very popular and growing in various parts of the world that are currently close 600 cafes and streamline its employees in outlets and office center.

"We as a company can not open our business detail comments precede discharge financial reports will be issued next week, and we can not  commented on the rumor and speculation," said Starbucks spokesperson Deb Trevino in a written statement.

Starbucks said, this weekend the top leadership does not receive a bonus in 2008 and Chief Executive Howard Schultz and other top managers will not get a base salary increase in fiscal year 2009.

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