Friday, January 30, 2009

Sharp Electronics Indonesia ready to export washing machine

Front-loading washer machine.

If there is no obstacle in the next three months, around April 2009, PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia (SEID) will export two tubes types of washing machines (twin tub) to the ASEAN region. Two ASEAN countries, Malaysia and Singapore, will be a state mediator to export to Africa and the Middle East. "Likely on April we will export," said Assistant General Manager of Home Appliance Marketing SEID Andry Adi Utomo at the launch of Super Aquamagic washing machine, on Thursday (29 / 1/2009).

In the middle of a global crisis,  said Andry, the weakening purchasing power occurs. However, he believee the washing machine market to the lower middle-class  is increasing. The reason is, the middle to lower class consumer is looking for cheaper electronic goods.

That's why, Sharp Electronics Indonesia intens to pump up their washing machines production since relocated their factory from the Philippines to Indonesia in November 2008. In Indonesia, with 343 million yen investment with production capacity in the first year around 340,000 units, the company formerly named Yasonta, will increase the production along with the expansion of the market. Their washing machines are primarily two types of tubes.

Compare to their other production washing machine type, the front loading type and fully automatic type, the two tubes types according to  Electronics Marketer Club (EMC) being a leader in the Indonesia market since 2006. On that year, 74 percent of 748,000 washing machines are two tubes types. 
Then, next year, three-quarters of a total of 967,000 washing machines in the market are two types of tubes. In 2008, a range of washing machines two tubes sit in the position 74 percent from 1225 million units of washing machines.

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