Friday, April 10, 2009

The decreasing of Indonesia exports should be allerted

Indonesia Export1

The Indonesia businessman stressed the need for cautious of declining in the export transaction as seen from the export realization of the first quarter 2009 record of minus 6-9 percent. Solid government's economic team needed to anticipate this condition. The Indonesia employer are also asserted that the current government or the future government efforts to put the impact of global financial crisis as a priority.

The realization of the export transaction on the first quarter this year (2009) decreased sharply compared to 1.8 percent in the fourth quarter 2008. According to the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Office, the decline is due to the decreasing price of some commodities, such as textiles, tin, coffee, and nickel.

Chairman of the Indonesia Emplyore's Association Sofjan Wanandi said, the decline in exports due to commodity prices. The investment in the sector of natural resources is still a prospect. According Sofjan, the government should campaign the investment since at this time so that during the economic situation is rising, industry is ready to seize the market. Sofjan also emphasized the need for a solid government economic team.  "Indonesia needs a solid economic team. Compactness economic team described in the form of policy directions that do not overlap anymore, "said Sofjan.

Chairman of the Indonesia Textile Association (API) Benny Soetrisno said, the decline in exports is frequently occurred in the first quarter of each year. However, the decline in exports that occurred at this time are very significant.  "The caused is the buyers. Although the government already provides support for restructuring the textile machinery worth IDR 330 billion this year, textile industry can not force the increase in exports if the purchase is being decrease, "said Benny. According to Benny, the value of textile exports during January-March 2009 only 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. This means decline 15 percent compared with the same period in 2008.

Benny said, the decline is due in part the order is usually given to the Indonesia industry are diverted to other countries, like Bangladesh and Vietnam. Pattern share average quantity of this is that the export textiles and textile products decreased. However, the API is still optimistic that the textile industry will rise again. The purchase of textiles and textile products tends to increase again in the second quarter and climb again to a fourth quarter. School activities and preparation of Christmas is back up to export transactions.