Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Easy to Dig Out for New Export Markets

Middle East

Impact of financial crisis in the U.S, affect the absorption of Indonesian export, striving the exporters to explore a new markets instead of the U.S. and Europe market  which have become a major export market of particular products, such as textiles and textile products (TPT).

For example, the Middle East and Africa markets, which is not the main export markets of Indonesia's TPT, it is not easy to be penetrated. This is expressed by the Vice Chairman of the Association of Indonesia Textile (API) Central Java, Djoko Santosa, on Monday (6 / 4). According to Djoko, also the Managing Director of PT Dan Liris, the demand from petrodollar countries is relatively small, and besides that is not easy to deal with a local businessman.

"It is not easy doing business with them. The average does not want to deal with the trivial matters and details of various kinds and complex of import export issues. The Middle East buyers inquriy is not be easily fulfilled, likes the Ihram clothing material such as towels. This material does not easily provide," said Djoko.

While the African market is quite promising, just ask for a lower quality so the price is not expensive for compliance with local market conditions. But according to Djoko, TPT industry of the country began to improve the quality of its products as an effort to meet market demand Europe and the United States which is a traditional market in the country's TPT production.

In general, the realization of the export volume from Surakarta, Central Java, in the first quarter 2009 decreased compared to the same period in 2008, ie, 22.34 million kg from 22.00 million a kilogram. However, the value increased slightly, from 68.35 million United States dollars into 69.17 million United States dollars.