Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indonesia challenge in 2010 : exports and investment

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Global financial crisis still haunt the future in 2010. Indonesia Minister of Finance as well Plt Coordinating Minister for Economy Sri Mulyani Indrawati mention two things that become a challenge for Indonesia next year, that is, exports and investment.

"For years 2009-2010, the challenge must be faced are exports and investment," said Sri Mulyani while giving speech in the coordination meeting of the central level (Rakorbangpus), in Bappenas Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/4/2009).

Sri Mulyani said the export activities to be a challenge because of the demand for exports will be down due to a global crisis. "Export activities still depend on global economic activity and investment," she said.

She was proceeding, other than exports, earnings fund may rely on rotation in domestic. However, when relying on only from within the domestic, there will be a source of funds struggle between the government and the private sector to finance the investment and expense that must be fixed.

"To finance the deficit, the government issued a letter of debt that use domestic resources. Private sector also require funding. There will be competition (crowding out) private sector versus government," she said.