Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riau Airlines Add 30 Aircrafts


The local airlines company, Riau Airlines will add 30 new small types aircraft until 2013 for facing the aviation liberalization policy in the ASEAN region, or a known as open sky policy which will implemented in 2015. "At least until 2013 later Riau Airlines to add a jet type aircraft fleet in anticipation of the ASEAN open sky policy will be implemented soon," said Director of Riau Airlines, Teguh Triyanto.

Teguh Triyanto explained, adding the new aircraft fleet with capacity 30-50 passenger seat as an effort to position Riau Airlines as the feeder airlines to serve the short flight routes. In that position it will be easier for Riau Airlines to synergize with the airline on the ASEAN region and to expand their business to grab the aviation world market especially on the island of Sumatra.

Based on the governor of a coordination meeting of Sumatra region, followed by the 10 provincial governments that took place in Pekanbaru 19-21 December 2009 recommending the establishment of Sumatra Air and Riau Airlines acts as the operator's flight from the program. The recommendation also has produced enough positive results for the Riau Airlines and also Bangka Belitung Provincial Government has expressed commitment to work together to open the flight routes in the archipelago.

"Our main focus is the island of Sumatra, but we also be working like in Java Island or other areas in Indonesia as long as our position as a feeder," Teguh explained.

Teguh also said that, until now Riau Airlines has a number of types of aircraft manufacturing with produced either from Europe or America to support the airline's business plan which owned by Stated-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) that 51 per cent ownership of its shares controlled the Riau provincial government. "There are some names that have been our pocket for a business plan forward, but clearly the position of the feeder we'd like to co-exist with other airlines to facilitate people easier travelling," he said.