Friday, February 26, 2010

Two airlines companies are reluctant to shift to Terminal 1C


Two airlines companies which placed in Terminal 1A Soekarno-Hatta International Airport are reluctant to shift to Terminal 1C. They even admitted not knowing the shift instruction flight activity center officially. Lion Air General Director Edward Sirait not know the concept of the transfer. So far, negotiations are still limited to plan an informal conversation. "Officially, we just do not know," he said in Jakarta. Therefore, he considered the proposed transfer of carriers into the new terminal through the revitalization of Rp20 billion it should be designed with a clear order not to cause new problems."If it was offered right concept we are ready to move," he said.

However, he argued, if Lion Air is required to break the flight activity at the two terminals, PT Angkasa Pura II should provide compensation. Because the activity in the two terminals will increase operational costs. "We did not refuse. But if we're in a two-terminal, would increase costs because we have to add new workers. Not to mention the other extra for wearing the two places. So, it seems there must be compensation," Edward Sirait explained.

Public Relations Manager of Batavia Air, Eddy Haryanto said, moving to Terminal 1C is still considered as a discourse for the national carrier. Because the removal of all the airline's previous activities Terminal 1A inhabiting it would require huge funds. "That still discourse because the funds needed is enormous. For the mass transfer of the funds it needs I do not know," he explained.

The two airlines is planned to be shifted to Terminal 1C in March 2010. Transfer of flights transporting activity was carried out because of denseness carry passengers at Terminal 1A."We have negotiated with Batavia Air. We also have to negotiate with Lion Air. They were willing to move to terminal C. I hope the process is completed next month," said Executive General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Hariyanto.