Monday, December 22, 2008

Most of the airlines company add the extra flight during Christmas and New Year holiday

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To anticipate the Christmas and New Year in 2009 holiday, most of the airlines company will add the extra flight. This extra flight, which was held several days ago up to early 2009 will increase around 61,492 passenger seat. Around eight national airlines has add their flight capacity.

Air Transportation Director of the Department of Transportation's Mr. Tri Sunoko said, the additional flights during the holidays 2008 has reached 192 frequency for domestic routes, whereas the international route has reached 92 frequency.

Based on the data, Lion Air is to be the most airlines company who increase the passenger capacity around 27,684 seats, followed by Mandala Air (12,480 seats), and Wings Air (10,992 seats).

Garuda Indonesia, which usually add the capacity, for time being will only provide 3,196 additional seats, Sriwijaya Air (2,520 seats), Batavia Air (2,240 seats), Merpati Nusantara Airlines (1,880 seats), and Riau Airlines (500 seats).