Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lorena Air target to have two units of Airbus A230


Lorena Airlines one of the Indonesia local airlines has not despair to bring the aircraft, although they had failed several times. This airlines must pursue this target to have the aircraft before 25 June 2009 to get a flight operator certificate - Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Not surprisingly, Lorena is intensly to bring the two units of Airbus A230 in February 2009.

According to the Head of Public Communication Center's Department of Transportation, Bambang S Ervan, Lorena really need to bring the aircraft to meet the requirements of AOC regulations. "If more than June 2009, their business licenses will be revoked," he said in Jakarta (17/12/2008).

Vice President Production of Lorena Air, Mr. Suhadi said, the fleet capacity of 160 people was purchased from Waha Leasing Company - a Dubai company - which is headquartered in France. Unfortunately, Suhadi reluctant to mention the value of the investment to buy these two aircraft. But as an illustration, the new unit price of Airbus A230 is around U.S. $ 45 million.

Lorena apparently will not rely on the funding of this investment from bank loans or financial institutions. Conversely, Lorena able to make the funding from their own money.

Although the price of renting aircraft are currently cheap, the process of procurement of the aircraft is quite tough. Suhadi said, as a new airline, such as Lorena was still not get the trust from the leaser. "Especially with the case of Adam Air leaser trust has decreased," said Suhadi.

Even Lorena Airline is a new player and also the economic conditions currently is not stabilized, but Lorena remains confident with their flight business. Moreover, with a stopper of Adam Air airline, which normally operates 22 aircraft, the presence of Lorena with 2 aircraft are still seize the market with their full service promising concept.

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