Monday, December 8, 2008

British Airways Planning to Reduce the number of aircraft and employees

British Airways 747-136 G-AWNF

The third largest airline company in Europe - British Airways Plc - will plan to cut more than 100 employees in London Gatwick airport. They plan to reduce their services by 15% in mid-2009.

The number of aircraft that will operate, become more slim. From 41 aircraft, will operate 37 aircraft only. With the reduction of 4 units of this aircraft, then the employees will be automatically will cut off.

"We have been talking with staff and unions, that we will reduce 15% of employees in the upcoming summer." said British Airways Plc through their statement. This airline intends to issue the termination of employment voluntary program at the end of this year to start cut off the ground operation staff with the number more than 100 people.

Actually British Airways Plc have discussed with Qantas Airways Ltd.. Australia last month, about the mergers plan. However, this plan have not found the end point yet.

The number of passengger which using this airline also have been reduced as much as 5.9% in November 2008 because of the economic crisis began spreading to business travel. Moreover, the ratio of seats filled also decreased 2.2% to 74.4%.