Friday, December 5, 2008

Indonesia : the largest coal producer


Until now, Indonesia and Australia is still the country's largest coal producer in the Asia Pacific region and in the future there are three major projects work on by Indonesia to develop the processing of coal, namely Coal Faction, Coal Gasifaction and UBC (Upgraded Brown Coal).

UBC is a factory to improve the quality of coal from a low rank coal which have the same nature with a higher level. This is intended to meet world energy needs, considering the majority of coal-owned Indonesian still rank low calorie. 

UBC technology is expected to be able to produce cleancoal that can maintain stability in energy supply needs. Coal with the results of the high value of calories and very low of water and pollution is suitable to the needs of domestic and foreign (export).

The operation of the UBC technology on Satui, South Borneo intended as an example of the first UBC factory in Indonesia even in the world. If it technically able to develop better in the long term will begin to be developed as a commercial factory.

UBC pilot factory is use for research, development, and also for training for the new operator. UBC pilot plant products will also be used to test the characteristics of the coal results of the UBC, including test burning boiler that uses both in Japan and in Indonesia, precisely in PLTU Suralaya and Tarahan. The goal of this pilot plant UBC is become a commercial factory in late 2009 and in will be five times larger from current factory in 2010.