Monday, December 1, 2008

Indonesia trying to penetrate of Brazil and Mexico market

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The Indonesia government will continue to pump out the export growth. One is trying to change the export market countries to Latin America countries such as Brazil and Mexico.

As for starting to explore the market, Minister of Trade Mari Pangestu, have signed trade agreements with these two countries. "We have signed the agreement with the countries of Brazil and Mexico," said Mari Pangestu.

With this agreement, according to Mari Pengestu export taregt to this country can exceed the current export. "It would be increased," she said. Unfortunately she did not want to disclose how much the export target to these two countries. Export value to Brazil, currently have reached US$ 2 billion. Meanwhile, to Mexico, the new Indonesian export only U.S. $ 300 million.

Products that will export by Indonesia to Mexico and Brazil are rubber, biofuel, soybeans, ethanol, sugar and other agricultural products.

Head of the National Export Development Agency (BPEN) Bachrul Chairi said that cooperation with the countries that signed it will be pump out the export growth in each country. "No will protect their mutual trade," said Bachrul. Currently, Brazil is accusing Indonesia for dumping issue of Indonesia's textiles.

As result of this cooperation is also alleged dumping textiles from Brazil is being reviewed for revoked. Mari Pangestu have successfully facilitate the businessmen in the investigation stage. According to some businessmen who are accused of textiles have been able to enter the market again without brasil affected anti-dumping duties. "The Portuguese-speaking fill out the form," said Mari Pangestu.

Meanwhile, the issues for Brazilian meat imports, Mari Pangestu not want to talk much. Because it will be discussed in the framework of wider cooperation. "It continues to be discussed," she said.