Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Changhong will invest U.S. $ 11 million in Indonesia


Changhong Group Ltd.., is China's manufacturers which produce electronic equipment, will planning to build a factory in Indonesia with worth around U.S. $ 11 million, or approximately IDR 130 billion.

Chairman of the group, Zhao Yong, on the press conference last week said, Indonesia will become a Changhong production base market in Southeast Asia. The options to invest in this current sluggish world economy, was the result of the study after the success in Indonesia market for almost 10 years.

Changhong entered Indonesia in 1999 by build PT Changhong Electronics Indonesia. They have a factories with capacity around 350,000 television sets, 150,000 air-condition, 300,000 DVD player, and 100,000 digital network products per year. Changhong is one of China's electronic group amongst 500 bigger company in the world.