Saturday, December 13, 2008

China import around 2 tons of salak fruit from Indonesia


At least almost two tons of salak fruit (also known as snake fruit ) being export from Indonesia to China every week, after China had opened their tropical import permits since 4 September 2008.

According to the exporter many of China citizens are like very much of salak fruit and it has estimated the quantity export of salak fruit will grow every year to China. Currently the salak fruit which can be exported to China is only the cultivar salak pondok  from Yogyakarta province/plantation, while the other provinces can not export yet.

Indonesia Agriculture Department has trained the salak pondoh fruit farmers in Yogyakarta to produce salak fruit which fullfil the China health and quarantine regulations.

At the first time salak pondoh fruit exported to China, there are only 80 plantation that the production can be exported to China, but nowdays there have been 560 salak pondoh plantation which the productions are exported to China.

Department of Agriculture has plan to develop not only the salak pondoh fruit from Jogjakarta, but also the salak fruit from other province such as Bali, Magelang, Banjarnegara, and Aceh which can be exported to China.

Although the salak fruit is a native tropical fruit from Indonesia, but it is possible the other Asian countries try to "steal" the seed from Indonesia and develop on their country which after that claimed as their original product, as said by Mr. Syukur Iwantoro head of Quarantine Agency Department of Agriculture.