Monday, December 29, 2008

Air Asia expand the flight routes


Despite the global economic crisis, Air Asia X - Malaysia cheap airline - will expand their flight route to China, India, South Korea, and Japan.

Chief Executive Azran Osman Rani said this is a period of challenge for the airline industry because many countries experiencing recession, so airlines should be able to penetrate the crisis.

"Air Asia's bookings for a direct flight to London with Airbus 340-300, which began March 11 has already full," said Azran while adding that the 30,000 seats have been sold.

The demand is high because of the ticket prices is 'only' around 2,000 ringgit (580 US dollars), less than half of the normal price for regular flights. Air Asia X will fly five times a week from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Stansted airport outside of London.

Air Asia X will plan to increase the flight route to North India in 2009, including New Delhi, Amritsar and Mumbai, and to Beijing. In 2010 their flight target is to South Korea and Tokyo, Hokkaido in northern Japan and Kyushu in the south.

Air Asia X, which recently opened flights to the Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and Australia, and Hangzhou China, will record their sales of 362 million malaysia ringgit at the end of this year. With this sales record, the sales projection at the end of 2010 will reached 1 billion US dollars.