Sunday, November 2, 2008

Middle East as an alternative non-tradisonal market

Indonesia Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu  said on the Indonesia Trade Exbition (ITE) 2008, Middle East  is an non-tradisional Indonesia's alternative export market. This is very important, particulary for export in the period of global economic crisis such as this.

From this ITE 2008, recorded Egypt had large transaction enough around 28.47 million U.S. dollars. Next is Saudi Arabia (6.26 million U.S. dollars), the United Arab Emirates (5.28 million U.S. dollars), Algeria (6.85 million U.S. dollars), Sudan (4.65 million U.S. dollars), Nigeria (4.33 million U.S. dollars), and Pakistan (4.32 million U.S. dollars).

Meanwhile, other market nontradisional which also considered prospective besides these countries is Bulgaria. The buyer from this country has dealed around 12.25 million U.S. dollars. Followed by Ukraine (4.28 million U.S. dollars), South Africa (3.16 million U.S. dollars), and Brazilia (3.14 million U.S. dollars).

"Products that are purchased by these countries are tires, car extinguisher, and building materials," said Mari Elka Pangestu.