Friday, November 28, 2008

Garuda : Fuel efficiency 27 Million Liter

Garuda Indonesia Boeing-737 refuelling and rel...

The financial crisis which estimated become worst at 2009, has make Garuda Indonesia airlines to prepared the efficiency of fuel cusomption. The BUMN's Airline has avtur saving's plan throughout the year by 3 percent.
Director of Operations of Garuda, Mr. Ari Sapari said, some of the efficiency programs are on technical flight, carry-on baggage restrictions and how to put the goods in baggage. "If the program is successful, then the savings could reach 3 percent of the fuel," said Ari Sapari when signing of the SMS cooperation between Garuda crew Tbk and PT Telkomsel in Jakarta, Wednesday (26/11).
Although only 3 percent, said Ari, when measured by the amount of fuel used by airplanes Garuda is very large. According to the plan Avtur use in 2009 is  900 million liters.
With the efficiency of the plan, the estimated Avtur used can be reduced 873 million liters, or a stint of 27 million liters.