Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Japan Airline decline the Fuel Surcharge

The Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways decided to reduce fuel sucharge start next year. Decisions taken in line with decreasing of Avtur fuel price.

In the next three months starting from 1 January 2009, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways will cut the tariff surcharge of 4,000 yen to 2,500 yen quivalent with 25 U.S. Dollars.

While the fuel surcharge for flights to North America, Europe and the Middle East declined from 33,000 yen to 22,000 yen. Currently the avtur fuel prices is average 115.92 U.S. Dollars per barrel, on August to October period. We want our customers also enjoy a decrease in the price of fuel, said All Nippon Airways management, as cited by news agency AFP on Monday (17/11).

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways has been gradually raising the fuel surcharge on 18 August 2008, as the increase in jet fuel prices, which hit airline in the world.