Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crisis, Qantas Reduce The Capacity

Qantas Airbus A330-300 taxiing (VH-QPH) at Sin...

The Qantas Airlines has announced the reduction of capacity, which is driven by the decline in passenger demand due to the global crisis. Qantas profits are predicted decline due to of this crisis condition.

"Carrying capacity of our aircraft transport in six months, will be four percent lower than the carrying capacity on the same period in 2008," said Chief E xecutive Officer Geoff Dixon, on Tuesday (25/11) to the AFP news agency.

Dixon also emphasized, Qantas will suspend its plan to lease two aircraft Airbus A330-200 aircraft to replace their other. "World flight in a situation that can not be estimated," he said.

Qantas profit before tax in fiscal year 2008 that ended 30 June 2009 is estimated to be 500 million Australian dollars (equivalent to 324 million U.S. dollars). Far lower than the profit of fiscal year 2007 reached 1.41 billion Australian dollars.