Monday, November 3, 2008

Export Value Declines 12.23 Billion U.S. Dollar in September

Peta Indonesia

Indonesia's export value in September 2008 decreased 2.15 percent to 12.23 billion U.S. dollars compared to August 2008, which reached 12.49 billion U.S. dollars. If compared with September 2007, exports increased 28.53 percent.

The decrease of export value compared with the previous month, caused by declining oil exports 17.13 percent, from 2.94 billion dollars in August 2008 and a 2.43 billion dollars in September 2008. The decrease of oil is driven by a decline in crude oil export 14.50 percent to 1.01 billion dollars, the export of oil output down 39.05 percent to 234.7 million dollars, and export the gas down by 13.23 percent to 1.19 billion dollars . This is because the price of crude oil from Indonesia in the world market decreased from 115.56 dollars per barrel in August 2008 to be 99.06 dollars per barrel in September 2008.

Meanwhile non-oil/gas export has increased by 2.45 percent from 9.56 billion dollars in August 2008 to be 9.80 billion dollars in September 2008. Increased export of non-oil/gas largest in September 2008 occurred in the oil and animal fat / vegetable of 303.0 million dollars, while the largest decrease occurred in the fuel minerals of 191, 2 million dollars.

Non-oil/gas export to Japan September 2008 the largest number reached 1.24 billion dollars, followed by the United States 1.23 billion dollars and Singapore with 795.1 million dollars contribution was reached 33.26 percent. Are exported to the European Union (27 countries) of 1.28 billion dollars.

The cumulative export value of Indonesia January-September 2008 reached 107.65 billion U.S. dollars or increased by 29.69 percent compared to the same period in 2007, while non-oil/gas exports reached 83.31 billion dollars, or an increase of 23.36 percent.

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