Friday, October 21, 2011

Trade Expo Indonesia 2011 earned U.S. $ 33.9 million transactions on the first day


The first day of implementation of Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2011 generated a total business deals worth U.S.$ 33.9 million.

The most popular products on October 19, 2011 on TEI 2011 includes furniture, coffee, cosmetics and herbal products, wood products, as well as agricultural products. The event is in conjunction with the change of ministers was attended by 2,278 buyers from 65 countries. Approximately 84.9% of which came from non-traditional markets including developing countries, while the remaining 15.1% came from traditional country.

Director General of Export Development Ministry of Industry, Hesti Indah Kresnarini said, dominated portion of nontraditional buyers in this Trade Expo Indonesia 2011 indicate the success of market diversification efforts. "It's important to leverage the growth of Indonesian non-oil exports amid the global crisis," she explained.

It is considered to be one contributor to the recording business transactions in TEI 2011 because the concept of the pavilion main product (APU) that carries the concept of revitalization. The concept that display creativity and environmentally friendly. Area that displays the main product was built with construction materials, mostly recyclable.

As an illustration, the event was composed of zone 10 +10 +3 products (main products, potentially, services), the Primaniyarta 2010 zone (award-winning performance of exports), and the creative industry zones (products exporting culture-based creative and technology).

In addition, the Trade Expo Indonesia 2011 area also includes Global Brands (national brands worldwide), Eco-Products zones (eco-friendly products), and Services zones (products of international standard service).

Hesti said, the concept was to make one which is eco-friendly products Tata Air Unit attract local buyers from the manufacturing sector, hospitals, and offices. In fact, air conditioning innovate energy saving by 25% compared to conventional air conditioners that make buyers from the United States and the Netherlands to explore the trade contract with the company concerned.

The products mentioned can maintain indoor humidity below 60%, he said, was awarded the ASEAN Energy Award for the period 2007-2011. Besides air conditioning products, tire and batik parang products to be one product on the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2011 that became a worldwide mainstay of national brands.