Monday, October 3, 2011

INDONESIA's exports in August 2011 hit a record U.S. $ 18.81 Billion


The value of Indonesian exports in August 2011 hit a record of U.S. $ 18.81 billion. Indonesia's exports hit a record last history in May 2011 which reached U.S. $ 18.33 billion.

This was stated by Deputy Head of Distribution and Services Statistics BPS-Statistics Indonesia, Djamal at his office, Jalan DR. Soetomo, Jakarta, Monday (10/03/2011).

"Exports in August reached U.S. $ 18.81 billion. Increase 37.05% compared to August 2010 reached U.S. $ 13.72 billion. This is the highest figure over the value of our exports," said Knopf.

He said the Indonesian oil and gas export value in August 2011 reached U.S. $ 4.09 billion and non-oil exports reached U.S. $ 14.72%. "Total exports from January-August 2011 reached U.S. $ 134.85 billion. Up 36.58% over the same period in 2010.

While non-oil exports for January-August 2011 reached U.S. $ 107.3 billion. The source of our exports are mineral fuels which reached U.S. $ 16.98 billion, then fats and animal oil / vegetable reached U.S. $ 13.96 billion. Indonesia's export market share currently dominated by China U.S. $ 12.83 billion, then Japan for U.S. $ 11.97 billion, the U.S. amounted to U.S. $ 10.65 billion, then the remaining exports to ASEAN amounted to U.S. $ 22.09 billion.

While the value of imports in August 2011 reached U.S. $ 15.05 billion. Rose 23.68% over the same period in 2010 which reach U.S. $ 12.17 billion. Oil imports in August 2011 reached U.S. $ 3.81 billion and non-oil imports of U.S. $ 11.25 billion. "If compared to July the value of our imports fell 7.12%," said Knopf.

The value of imports from January to August 2011 reached U.S. $ 114.84 billion. Rose 30.9% over the same period in 2010. Special non-oil imports on January-August 2011 reached U.S. $ 87.99 billion.The biggest contribution was on the import of machinery and mechanical equipment, and electrical equipment.

Indonesia imports the country of origin in the period from January to August 2011 is the China of U.S. $ 16.37 billion, Japan U.S. $ 12.1 billion, and Singapore U.S. $ 7.07 billion. Based on the class type of goods, 74.96% of Indonesian imports were raw materials, capital goods 17.42% and 7.62% is the finished goods or consumption.

Djamal said, Indonesia August trade balance surplus of U.S. $ 3.76 billion. This is due to the value of exports rose and imports fell. From January to August Indonesia trade balance surplus reached U.S. $ 20.01 billion.