Saturday, July 2, 2011

Indonesia's export volume increased and the highest record


Indonesia's export performance in May 2011 has a new record in history. The realization of exports in May exceeded the previous history which occurred in April 2011.

Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS-Statistics Indonesia) recorded, the realization of Indonesia exports in May through U.S. $ 18.33 billion or exceed the performance in April 2011 which reached U.S. $ 16 billion. "Export is a supreme achievement, a new record because it can penetrate more than U.S. $ 16-17 billion, ie U.S. $ 18.33 billion, "BPS chief Rusman Heriawan said on Friday (1 / 7).

Export performance has increased by 45.29% compared to same period previous year. When compared to April 2011, exports increased 10.76%. Indonesia's total exports for the calendar year 2011 or January-May 2011 reached U.S. $ 80.28 billion, growing 33.37% over the same period the previous year.

In terms of commodities, the largest portion is still held by mineral fuels with a value of U.S. $ 9.75 billion, followed by fats and oils of animal / vegetable which reached U.S. $ 8.09 billion. Rusman admitted, an increase in export performance is inseparable from the rise in world commodity prices, particularly the surge in oil prices or crude palm oil (CPO).

In terms of export destination countries, Japan is still the largest with a value of U.S. $ 7.35 billion. The second xxport destination is occupied by China amounted to U.S. $ 7.01 billion, followed by the United States U.S. $ 6.56 billion, the ASEAN countries amounted to U.S. $ 13.77 billion and the EU amounted to U.S. $ 8.68 billion. "Despite the tsunami, Japan is still the largest market share," he said.

Based on the sector, exports for January-May 2011 dominated the industrial sector 61.74%, up from earlier that only 60.43% in the previous month. Improved export performance is also coupled with heightened realization of import in May 2011. The value of Indonesian imports for May 2011 reached U.S. $ 14.83 billion, an increase of 48.54% over the same period the previous year. "The month on month (mom) in total imports fell 0.42%. But for non-oil rose 0.24%. That oil imports are down, "he explained.

If refer to the calendar year, total imports from January to May 2011 reached U.S. $ 68.51 billion, an increase of 33.86%. Non-oil imports reached U.S. $ 52.53 billion, and the largest portion of the mechanical engine of U.S. $ 9.1 billion. Imports from China amounted to U.S. $ 9.74 billion, while Japan is only U.S. $ 7.08 billion and Thailand at U.S. $ 4.28 billion. Imports from China are the largest imports.

Rusman added that overall, the trade balance in May 2011 still recorded a surplus of U.S. $ 3.51 billion and for the period January-May 2011 amounted to U.S. $ 11.77 billion.

Director of Distribution Statistics BPS, Satwiko Darmesto add as much as 61% increase in exports boosted non-oil industries. "Commodities are mineral fuels, vegetable oils, rubber, rubber goods, machinery and electrical equipment, seed crust and metallic ash," he explained.

Meanwhile, foreign trade balance for the month of May amounted to U.S. $ 3.059 billion. "As for the difference in the trade balance from the beginning of the year to May amounted to U.S. $ 11 billion," he said.

Satwiko claimed Indonesia export performance in May is the greatest achievement in history. "The record is not only alone but the total exports of the sector also increased as oil and gas exports of U.S. $ 4.1011,9 billion, and especially non-oil hit a record U.S. $ 14, so that 222.2 and a total of U.S. $ 18, 334.1,"lid.