Saturday, July 30, 2011

Citilink Revision Number of Aircraft


Strategic business unit of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk, Citilink, revised the number of aircraft to be operated until the end of this year. When originally projected Citilink will operates 15 aircraft, the target is reduced to 10 units.

President Director of Garuda Indonesia, Emirsyah Satar said, it was done because of Garuda Indonesia planes nevertheless grant that during this operation. "Garuda Indonesia’s plane is not suitable for Citilink, due to Citilink’s concept is the low cost carriers (LCC)," Satar said in Jakarta.

The plane which needed by Citilink is the aircraft with a capacity of 180 passengers, while the aircraft owned by Garuda Indonesia is the plane for the premium class with a capacity of 144 passengers. It is considered inefficient.

Therefore, Garuda Indonesia aircraft will not grant to Citilink. "Citilink has decided to operate the Airbus A320, so that Garuda INodnesia’s Boeing Series will be grounded and sold when it's not used anymore," he said.

Emir added that currently it had prepared to make Citilink a stand-alone company. The target is in 2012 has done a spin off.

"We have prepared a business plan that the Ministry of Transportation provide aviation business license this year, the target may spin off next year," he said.