Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIRGANTARA INDONESIA concludes ‘teaming agreement’ with Air Bus Military


Aircraft maker PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) has concluded a "teaming agreement" with Airbus Military on the joint production and marketing of NC295 planes, the Indonesian company`s chief said.

The agreement would be implemented with financial support from PT Perusahaan Pengelola Asset (PT PPA), a state-owned company managing public assets, PT Dirgantara Indonesia president director Budi Santoso said.

The three companies signed a strategic cooperation accord in July 2011 and the teaming agreement was a follow up to that agreement, he said.

Under the teaming agreement, PT Dirgantara Indonesia would have an opportunity to make and market NC295 planes with Airbus Military, he said, adding the plane was already being used by a few Asian countries, namely South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.

"With the NC295`s performance having been tested for some time (in the three Asian countries), the aircraft is projected to meet a need of the `the Indonesian Air Force, namely replacing its Fokker-27 fleet whose service period is to expire soon," Budi said.

With the signing of the teaming accord with Airbus Military, PT DI"s continued existence after 2014 was more or less assured, he said.

Labeling the NC295 a "commercially competitive aircraft", Budi said, for PT Dirgantara Indonesia, making the plane would pose no particular difficulties as the company already had a long record of producing C212 and CN235 planes which were in fact earlier generations of the NC296.

The NC295 would be the latest addition to the list of aircraft types PT Dirgantara Indonesia had produced over the years. The company`s products were already being used by the Indonesian military and also marketed in the Asian region.

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