Saturday, October 1, 2011

LION Air and SRIWIJAYA Air will work on FULL SERVICE carrier


Lion Air plans to upgrade the flight service from low cost carrier into a full-service airlines. For this full service, Lion Air to establish a new subsidiary, PT Space Aviation Service.

General Director of Lion Air, Edward Sirait claimed to have been taking care of the completeness of the business license for this Air Space. "The filing is already running, we are currently completing the documents in accordance with government regulations," said Edward.

Lion Air sees the potential flight for full services is very large. Edward saw its market continues to grow. Because of that, he hopes this Air Space could soon be operational next year. "We are targeting November 2012," he said.

To work on the full market these services, Lion Air will allocate around 10-12 aircraft. Already, it is reviewing the routes to be served. "So the market to be clear," he said.

sriwijaya_air_full_service_carrier Sriwijaya Air is also will follow to upgrade their flight service. Vice President Director of Sriwijaya Air Hasudungan Pandiangan claimed to have been collecting documents to transform into full flight carrier. "We are filling but do not propose the SIUP becuase not opening a new company. The name of the airline still remain the same, Sriwijaya Air," explains Hasudungan.

He also admitted it is reviewing the routes to be served. "We are targeting this transformation is completed in mid 2012," he said. So far Sriwijaya Air applying service to its passengers with the concept of medium service. The concept of rule-based medium may only provide a maximum tariff of 90% of the rate above the specified limit. The airline allowed to provide service snacks and beverages.

According to Bambang S Ervan, Head of Communications and Information Ministry of Transportation when the airline moved from medium service to full services without creating a new subsidiary then simply report to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation only. "Then after that the process is published to the public. While to open up a new subsidiary must submit SIUP first, "said Bambang.

The Director General of Civil Aviation Herry Bakti admitted that Lion Air’s SIUP is in the process. As for reports of Sriwijaya Air had not yet received their request for a report to the next grade to full service.