Saturday, September 10, 2011

LION Air passengers increased during the Islamic holiday


PT Lion Mentari Airlines recorded an increase in the number of passengers during the  Islamic holiday this year, which is reach 1.2 million passengers, increase 20%compared with the last transportation year's period.

Edward Sirait, Managing Director of Lion Air, the frequency of flights during Islamic holiday transport until today reached 157 scheduled flights, an increase of 40.2% where in the past year serving 112 flights.

He revealed the number of seats to provide in the current year is about 30 thousand seats. Moreover, according to Edward, the level of on time performance (OTP) also showed a positive trend which reached 82%. "The OTP of Lion Air has exceeded the recommended average of 80%," said Edward Sirait.

According to Edward, during the Islamic holiday, Lion Air routes increased significantly are Surabaya-Balikpapan, Surabaya-Banjarmasin, Jakarta-Jogjakarta, Jakarta-Solo and Jakarta-Padang. The increase in the routes, he added, reaching 15% compared to a normal day.

Edward said they had added 200 seats per day during to serve the increasing demand for flights on the busy routes . "Lion Air also increase the frequency of four flights for four days with a total of 4800 additional seats to serve the reverse flow. We have budgeted an additional flight on demand," he said.