Thursday, September 1, 2011

NEW engine for Boeing 737


To face with competition from the French aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the directors of the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, has approved a new engine for the Boeing 737. Hopefully, this new engine is more efficient in fuel consumption, making Boeing 737 preferred airlines.

The commitment is released by Boeing on Tuesday (08/30/2011) and Boeing shares immediately rose two percent, in the lunch closing at the New York stock trading.

The decision to install a new machine, it's been awaited since last month, when American Airlines said he would buy a new engine Boeing 737 airplane when it intends to make. American Airlines also has agreed to buy 100 Boeing 737-900 ER.

Expansion purchase these aircraft from American Airlines, Boeing actually terminate the exclusive rights to supply aircraft to American Airlines. Because American Airlines within the next few years, not only ordered 200 unit of Boeing, Airbus but also 260 units.

The new engine Boeing 737, scheduled to be accepted airlines began in 2017. Boeing said the engine was a type of Leap-18 engines made by CFM International. Boeing confirmed, the new 737 engine will be more fuel efficient than the Airbus A320 neo. Specifically, four percent more fuel efficient than the neo A320, Boeing said.

Competition will be more stringent. Boeing 737 assembled in Renton, Washington, on the contrary Airbus A320 in Toulouse, France. Two types of aircraft, getting lots of orders, and both manufacturers encourage the production units that can assemble 42 aircraft per month. Where Boeing will achieve it in 2014, while Airbus in early 2012.