Saturday, September 3, 2011

DELTA Airlines buy 100 units of Boeing 737


In the middle of news about the purchase of Airbus aircraft, on Thursday August 2011, Delta Airlines confirmed the purchased of 100 units of Boeing 737.

The American-built aircraft would be received by Delta Airlines in the year 2013-2018. The value of the purchase reached 8.5 billion U.S. dollars, although it is believe Delta Airlines received number of discounted rates.

The new Boeing aircraft to be ordered Delta Airlines has a more comfortable cabin, the roar of the engine smoother, and larger capacity of storage on the passenger's head.

It is estimated that Delta Airlines will receive a Boeing 737-900 Extended Range (ER) with a single aisle and can be loaded with up to 180 seats. Later, the planes will fly domestic routes.

Interestingly, the launch-customer that is believed to fly Boeing737-900 ER is Indonesian airlines, namely Lion Air. Even the Lion Air already order to 178 units, which until August has received up to 51 units of the aircraft.

In January 2011, Delta Airlines, based in Atlanta has announced it will order up to 200 aircraft, with an option to order another 200 aircraft. Delta Airlines aircraft intended to replace the old aircraft, such as the DC-9-50s and Boeing 757-200s.

The average age of Delta aircraft reaches 16 years, far below the Garuda Indonesia is on average only 7-8 years. When the new plane arrived, Delta Airlines expects to cut fuel costs between 15-20 percent. Delta Airlines, the world's second largest airline, with a total fleet of 700 units of the aircraft.