Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lion Air still want to BUILD hangar in INDONESIA


Until now, PT Lion Mentari Airlines still seeking development of hangar for their aircraft maintenance in Indonesia. According to General Director of PT. Lion Mentari Airlines, Edward Sirait, needed a better solution for these efforts. "We still want to build a hangar in Indonesia," said Edward.

Edward said, now there is a bid to Lion Air to build a hangar at the airport Riwut Little, Palangkaraya, Technical Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Transportation. "We also are considering about this solution," he said.

Regarding the request of joint cooperation from PT Angkasa Pura I to manage the hangar aircraft that will be built at Sam Ratulangi Airport, Manado, North Sulawesi, he said this is difficult to be realized.

Therefore, there will be conflict if there is a business division within the actual construction of the hangar is focused solely for Lion Air aircraft maintenance only. "It would be a conflict. Because they want the business division. In other words, there is a distribution of stock to the Angkasa Pura I, "he explained.

Therefore, Lion Air chose to withdraw its investment from Manado and move it to another place. Even Lion Air plans to move the investment to Malaysia. Malaysia in this regard has been prepared of 2.6 hectares of land for lease to the Lion Air at a rate of U.S. $ 3,600 per month.