Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Indonesian EXPORT of 2010 reached a NEW Record

Indonesian Export 2010 reached a New Record

Head of Indonesia Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Rusman Heriawan said Indonesia's total exports from January to December 2010 to carve new record in the history of Indonesian exports, which amounted to US$ 157.73 billion.

"A total export from January to December 2010 is US$ 157.73 billion, the latest record for export performance during the history of Indonesian exports," he said in a news conference in his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (01/02/2011). The figure for December 2010 was a highest record export monthly of US$ 16.8 billion.

According BPS data, the rate of export performance throughout 2010 was a growth of 35.38 per cent from the same period in 2009 is US$ 116.51 billion.

Rusman Heriawan said oil exports during January - December 2010 recorded around US$ 129, 68 billion. The largest export commodity is mineral fuels, such as coal US$ 18, 73 billion as well as fat and vegetable oil or palm oil reached US$ 16.29 billion.

BPS noted Indonesia's largest exports are to Japan of US$ 16.5 billion. While export to China around US$ 14.07 billion and the United States amounted to US$ 13.3 billion.

"The contribution of the largest exports are still held by conventional market except China. As for Japan US$ 16.5 billion, China US$ 14.07 billion and United States US$ 13.3 billion. The market share for those three country is 33.85 percent of the country total exports. Meanwhile, exports to the European Union is US$ 17.07 billion, "he explained.