Friday, February 25, 2011

SUSI Airlines has taken a MARKET share of MERPATI Airlines


Susi Air airlines are slowly been taking market share of Merpati Nusantara Airlines. Susi Air is now a direct competitor of Merpati Airlines, which is owned by the government.

State Enterprises Minister Mustafa Abubakar was deeply impressed with the performance of Susi Air. Starting from the joint efforts of husband and wife with only a few planes, now Susi Air already has 42 aircraft. As a nation of Indonesia, continued Mustafa, Susi Air performance should be appreciated because it was pioneered by people of Indonesia and also a woman.

"They were husband and wife to be a pilot," said Mustafa reveals his admiration for the husband and wife owners of Susi Air.

Susi Air is Indonesia's airline operated by PT ASI Pujiastuti Aviation with scheduled flights and charter services. Based in Pangandaran, West Java, Susi Air operates from five main bases in Medan, Jakarta, Balikpapan, Kendari, Bandung, Cilacap, and Sentani.

Founded in late 2004 by married couples, Christian von Strombeck and Susi Pudjiastuti, Susi Air was originally founded to deliver a cargo of fishery of their owned other Susi companies, namely PT ASI Pudjiastuti.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that occurred on the west coast of Sumatra some time after two Cessna Grand Caravan Susi Air's first book, is directly used to assist delivery of equipment and medicine for rescue.


In 2005 the third Grand Caravan join the Susi Air fleet so that Susi Air to start scheduled flights from Medan. Furthermore, besides Grand Caravan, Diamond Twin Star, Pilatus Turbo Porter and Diamond Diamond Star was added to the Susi Air fleet. In June 2009, Susi Air announced that it had ordered 30 Grand Caravan planes at Paris Air.