Tuesday, February 8, 2011

QATAR Airways add flight route to KUALA LUMPUR


Qatar Airways has announced the increase in their network capacity, including adding of flight routes to Kuala Lumpur become two flights per day, which will start on March 1, 2011.

Qatar Airways – the airline from Doha - will be doing some network expansion in their global flight routes, as the beginning of the winter program in the future.

Additional services of three times a flight from Kuala Lumpur will begin on March 27, 2011 and will connect the capital city of Malaysia with Doha as much as two times a day.

This year, Qatar Airways celebrates 10 years of operation of Qatar Airways in Malaysia. As one well-known and longest routes in the region of Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur route continues to grow since its introduction in 2001.

The increasing of flight frequency will answer the needs of businessmen from the Middle East who are interested to expand trade to Malaysia and offers a convenient connection flights to exotic destinations in Europe and North America, which is generally difficult to achieve, to the Malaysia passengers.

qatar_airways_added_flight_routes_to_kuala_lumpur Through daily and nonstop flights of Qatar Airways from Doha to Sao Paolo, Malaysia sports fans can enjoy the convenience of through non-stop flights from Doha to Brazil which is the location of the FIFA World Cup matches to be held in 2014.

picture: google.com