Monday, September 29, 2008

North Sumatra Vegetables Export down by 952%

Sayur-sayuran The hey-days of North Sumatra vegetables export seems abruptly halt.

In 2007 alone export has been down to 952% compare to 2006.

According to statistic from Pelindo I Belawan and Pelindo I unit Peti Kemas Belawan, until July 2008, export volume is 13.080 ton or down by 28% compare to the same period last year which was 16.571 ton.

Whilst in 2007 total export is recorded at 33.053 ton, this alone is a significan down by 952% compare to 2006.

Back in 1980s, vegetables form Kabanjahe Tanah Karo North Sumatra was the prima dona in Malaysia and Singapore market. Back then, twice a week, a ferry service carrying this commodities left pier 101-102 port of Belawan with destination Singapore. A number of regular ships carrying thousand tons of vegetables also left Gudang Merah Peir Belawan for Port Klang and Penang Malaysia.

These days are gone, let alone exporting, seeds for these commodities now have to be imported from abroad. Farmers prefer to import better quality seeds to ensure profitable.