Sunday, September 14, 2008

Iran Retaliates On U.S. Sanction Against Shipping Line IRISL

Jupiter Kalambakal - AHN News Writer

Tehran, Iran (AHN) - Iran is considering filing a complaint over sanctions imposed by the United States government to Iranian shipping line IRISL through international institutions.

IRNA reported Saturday that Iran's UN mission said the U.S. move against the national interests of Iran was "illegal and unjustifiable".

The IRISL has never been involved in illegal covert nuclear activities in Iran because principally Tehran has never had such a program, it said.

Aside from the complaint, Iran will seek compensation for the damages that the illegal sanction imposed on IRISL.

The U.S. accused IRISL of shipping military cargo to Iran for the production of nuclear warheads.

Washington reportedly has been pressuring to Tehran to halt its nuclear program, which the latter claim is intended for power generation.

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