Friday, November 18, 2011

AirAsia will move its regional office to Jakarta


Low-cost carrier, AirAsia has said it will focus work on the ASEAN market. Unmitigated AirAsia will move its regional office to Jakarta next year.

"We want to be the ASEAN airline. We probably bring most ASEAN passengers than other airlines, "said CEO of Air Asia, Tony Frenandes at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Bali International Convention Center, Nusa Dua, on Thursday (17/11).

AirAsia's regional offices will move from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta. The launch of the new office itself will take place in January 2012. Tony said AirAsia moved into offices in Jakarta because the office was located ASEAN secretariat in Jakarta. "We want to show that we are no longer a carrier of Malaysia, Thailand, or Indonesia. But we are an ASEAN airline, "he said.

In addition to moving his office, AirAsia will add approximately 100 of the aircraft next year. These planes will serve particular routes in ASEAN. "The problem is, every airline is now looking for the plane. It is a nice problem, "he said. Tony adds, AirAsia is targeting growth of its business was not too affected by floods in Thailand. The company is still optimistic that could grow 20% this year.

Regarding the ASEAN open sky policy, Tony said he really supported it and did not see the risk of Indonesian airlines will lose the market. "Let us be more confident. What is good for the people of Indonesia? I think AirAsia has been quite beneficial to many people of Indonesia, business, hotels, labor, and the pilot is growing. We must think big, think ASEAN, if not we will be beaten by China and India," he said.