Friday, July 9, 2010

AirAsia migrating from Open Skies to New Skies

One of Indonesian airlines, Air Asia migrating from Open Skies system to New Skies. This migration makes the Air Asia service is temporarily inaccessible to consumers. Why Air Asia to migrate?

"New Skies is an online reservation system that uses foremost technologies. New Skies is designed specifically to meet the needs of airlines," said President Director of Air Asia Indonesia Dharmadi in Jakarta on Thursday (08/07/2010).

Migration is done because the capacity of the Open Skies reservation system is no longer able to accommodate Air Asia passengers rapidity which reaches 26 million passengers a year. "With the New Skies system, will further facilitate the consumer in aviation services, either in the registration plane, hotel and check-in," he continued.

With New Skies system, airlines would be more economical price. Check-in costs and marketing will be reduced. The Air website which can be accessed through mobile phones, check-in can be done. "By entering the code number of tickets through the website, consumers can directly check in, they will get the code for the barcode. At the airport only show the barcode, so can directly check-in. Be more economical and simple," said Dharmadi.

In addition, the transaction is no longer limited to a maximum of IDR 10 million. With New Skies system, transactions can not be limited. Dharmadi added that this system also includes a PNR (Passenger Name Record) for 50 people. Previously, the system is only able to carry 10 people. Thus, the amount of revenue passenger capacity becomes larger.

Other convenience services offered by this new system is the connecting flight. If on the previous system, passengers must check-in, check-out, then check in again at the time of transit between regions or countries, so in this new system only need one-time passengers check-in.

"For example, the flight route from Jakarta - Kuala Lumpur - London. In the previous system, passengers while landing in Kuala Lumpur should be checking out of the plane and then check in again for a flight to London. On the New Skies, passengers simply check-in in Jakarta only. So when you arrive in Kuala Lumpur, passengers only transit, no check-out to move the plane to London, "said Audrey, Corporate Communications Manager of Air Asia Indonesia. Transactions also become easier because it can use multiple currencies.