Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Airline Operating License for a NEW airline, PT Pacific Royale Airways


Business aviation in Indonesia will be more crowded. Ministry of Transportation has issued the Airline Operating License for a new airline, PT Pacific Royale Airways.

Bambang S. Ervan, Head of Public Relations Ministry of Transportation explained, after obtaining the Airline Operating License (SIUAU/NB-025), the airlines owned by businessman Gunawan Goenarni still have to take care of Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Bambang said, Ministry of Transportation is giving a year to Pacific Royale for the care of the AOA certificate. "After that, they can fly," said Bambang.

Referring to data from the Ministry of Transportation, each year, the number of airline passengers increased by approximately 10% to 15%. As an illustration, in 2009, the total number of passenger in Indonesia reached 48.8 million passengers, while in 2010 rose to 16% reaching 58.3 million passengers. Ministry of Transportation count, number of passengers this year will reach 64.5 million, up 9% from last year. While in the next three years, in 2014, airline passengers will jump up to reach 98.1 million passengers.

Refers to data growth, apparently, business aviation, particularly the scheduled flights are currently only served by 18 airlines still continue to attract.

Samudera Sukardi, Project Director of Royale Pacific Airways explains, his company was ready to meet government requirements, namely to operate a minimum of 10 aircrafts and will serve domestic and international routes.

Pacific Royale plans to go into full service. The move will certainly make a market in full service airlines are currently only served by PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk will be getting tougher. Reason, the full service airline market share only 20% of total passengers. And in the near future, PT Lion Air through its subsidiary company, PT Space Aviation and PT Sriwijaya Air Service will also be entered in this premium service airline.

Pujobroto, VP of Corporate Communications, Garuda Indonesia confirms it is ready to compete with new competitors, Pacific Royale Airways. According Pujo, the potential for air passengers in Indonesia is still very open big. "At this time of the 230 million Indonesian population, only 20 million who use air transportation," he said. Similar statements are also presented Edward Sirait, Director of Lion Air. "The demand will continue to rise," said Edward.

picture: google.com